Dahilayan Adventure Park - Holy Week 2012

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The next day everyone was up early. Off for an adventure. We passed by Camp Phillips, thru the pineapple farm going up towards Dahilayan. The place was packed. Kids and adults were all excited to ride the zipline. I was never a big fan of heights. So imagine how scared I was when they convinced me to try it. I think my mom convinced me to try it. How else would I convince my readers if I hadn't tried it said she!

My bro B and B, C, me, E and A.

Listening to the final instructions. Look how scared I was.

I just shouted on the top of my lungs. I was so scared that tears fell from my eyes. Lol. Next was another zipline. They said it's the longest in Asia. Plus you have to ride it like a superman!

My brother B was my buddy.

Everything happened so fast that near pit stop my glasses fell off. Good thing I immediately saw where it landed.

Got my own proof.

They also had a zipline for the kids but we didn't let them ride it. I wasn't sure how safe it was. But as an added bonus, they had a play ground on the lower side of the park. My kids loved playing there. The breeze was cool and it was a new place to explore.