Product Review: Organic Mother's Milk Tea

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I have always loved tea. I love tea more than I love coffee. That's most of the time. So I was greatly ecstatic to buy one that also helps me breastfeed M. Bought this tea at The Pod during the Babywearing Event. They handed out free cookies and tea. Gen and I had to try it. So far I love both the cookies and the tea (haha).

This one has a different smell, a funny smell. If you're taking fenugreek supplements to boost your milk you might recognize the smell. It's sweet and musty (I think). At first I decided to put in honey thinking it might taste good just like when I'm drinking my Apple and Cinnamon tea from Twinnings. Though it tasted sweet, I preferred to take the mother's milk tea without the honey.

I took it for two days only. I decided to stop taking it because I was already back to pumping two bags in my 8 hours of work. That was enough for me. And that was fast huh?!

The downside of the tea is that Marco was left with a funny smell on his head. You know how we take fenugreek capsules and you end up with a maple syrup smell? Have you tried that? I did. I tried fenugreek capsules while pumping milk for my second child and that's how I smelled. This time, Marco is left with a sour smell on his head. This happened after taking the tea for 1 day. We were puzzled at first because we didn't use any new products except for their lotion. Eventually I put two-and-two together. After 5 days of taking the tea, that's 3 days after quitting the tea, the smell went away as well.

My 2 bags of breastmilk after taking the tea for 2 days.