Gender Responsive Case Management

Monday, August 17, 2015

Seminars are always a good way to meet new people who work for the same cause. Plus it's a way of learning how other areas deliver their programs. In this case, I happen to realize that all of us are having the same problems with the templates, the forms and the stresses of solving other people's problems... the problems of social work.

Whoever said social work is easy as A-B-C, must be god. I have never been so stressed in my whole life up until I got into the Social Welfare and Development Office. And I salute the registered social workers and the social workers at heart (which I now belong) who have untiringly devoted their life to helping others.

The government is keen on making everything gender sensitive, including now the case management of Violence Against Women and Children. The reports and the forms should be gender sensitive. How you address a certain individual should be gender sensitive. Here are some of the photos taken during the seminars.

Ms Dolly of DSWD

This is Robert from Laak, one of my group mates presenting the learnings from the previous day.

Ms. Linda

The Head of the 4Ps Program

The view from my seat. Robert and Hosna.