Happy Birthday M!

Friday, August 14, 2015

It has been 4 wonderful years... years filled with tears, sweat and blood. I pray that you grow up to be a good man. Never forget what we taught you, always be a God-loving person. Have fun today my little man. Even when you are sick, I pray that you will enjoy your birthday. We love you very very much.

He loves chocolates!

The time when Tito I rushed him to the ER. They had to stitch it up.

It was almost 12mn and he still wanted to play.

My dear boy, do not be afraid. 
No stranger can harm you. 
No monster can take you. 
Trust that you will be safe. 
Trust that you will be loved. 
For I am here, always I am here. 

Children you are growing fast
Soon you won’t be beside me all the time
I wish I could stop time
And hope that you stay young for life
Worry not for problems to arise
Mommy will be here to fight with you
I just wish that even when you’re all grown up
Mommy is still your best friend for life. - anne

Happy Birthday M!