My Latest Loot

Saturday, August 15, 2015

We discovered this new go-to-place for art supplies, Morning Light Art Gallery and Shop. For an art enthusiast, this is paradise. You'll find just about everything you need for paintings, whether watercolour or oil, different brushes, different containers and so much more. For someone like me who is more on sketches, just found different kinds of pencils and papers. She also sells painting and woodcrafts. 

I recommended it to a friend and she loves the place. You can try browsing them in Facebook as well, if you jsut wanna check out her items first before going to the area. A word of advice though, bring lots of money. hahahaha

Another place to go for art supplies and calligraphy is the Artisan, located beside the Yellow Hauz Coffee Shop. She also carries other craft items. Drop by her place to see if she has what you've been looking for.

Sharing to you some of my loot:

The water colour sketch pad, the bottle with the red dropper and the brush was from Morning Light. The nibs, the oblique holder and the cocoiro holder and refill and the walnut ink are from the Artisan.