A Trip to The Island

Friday, March 4, 2016

It has been my greatest wish to travel to Balut Island. When my parents went there and I wasn't able to go with them, I have always wondered when I'd be able to visit the place. More so that when I started working and heard wonderful descriptions about the area, the more I wanted to visit the place.

So when hubby said he'd be going to the island, I just had to jump at the opportunity and risk high waves and vomits. Pictures here are in chronological order from the day we departed from Balangonan towards Balut Island to the day we arrived again at Balangonan.

The night before we departed for Balut Island. I stared at the moon while laying on my swing.

We woke up early to avoid big waves. Sarangani Island's sea ambulance came in early as well to fetch us.

People seldom see the other side of the book. Here carrying pipes for the hospital.

Well this was taken without my knowledge. They were helping me up the sea ambulance. Photo taken by Prince Paraiso.

Aboard the boat.

With Dr. Glinard Quezada, Dr. Alain Kintanar and Sir Prince Paraiso.

A view of Balut Island from afar.

Arrival. While they were trying to take out the supplies and equipments aboard the boat.

Before heading to the hotel.

A view of the dock.

I was there as a tourist and a support staff (wink). The Department of Health was turning over the hospital to the Provincial Government of Davao del Sur and Hubby was there to receive and meet with the staff of the hospital.

Thank you Mayor Cawa and her staff for the very warm accomodation and to Dr. Fernandez of the Sarangani Hospital for the warm welcome. Thank you also to Dr. Araneta and his staff, Engr. Divine and the other engineers with her, and to Engr. Henry and his companion. And most especially, to Dr. Glinard Quezada and all the people who came with us. I hope to go back again soon and probably be able to roam around next time.

Dr. Araneta, Mayor Cawa and Dr. Fernandez

Touring the hospital

Blessing of the new hospital

The next day we had to wake up early again to avoid big waves.

Beautiful sunrise

The captain's view

Dr. Glinard Quezada

We just had to take a photo with the sea ambulance before heading home. On my left is Sir Jeff.

Heading to our ride

Till the next time.