Geeting up and Doing It

Thursday, March 17, 2016

When you've been down on a rot for two days, how do you get your groove back and start working like crazy again? Is there a motivational, inspiring quote that you get to say to change the way you feel?

I don't. Sometimes you just have to get up and get back out there. Though that's easier said than done. You just have to start somewhere. For me, it's writing this short talk. It's full of nonsense, full of crap, you may not even relate to this, but for me, it's a first.

Haven't been feeling well, I'm still not a 100% okay. Having lightheadedness and a little tight on the chest but I chose to sit and write this. So I'm giving myself a tap on the back.

My next problem is to stay focused and finish the whole day. Will be taking it an hour at a time. 

For the rest of you, may you be inspired today and help change someone else's life for the better.