Draft Sketches

Monday, July 4, 2016

It has been a stressful week and everyone is sick. And if you know me that well, you know what I do with my past time. Been sketching a lot. I use the app Paper by Fiftythree on my Ipad Pro with apple pencil. It's a good app actually, have made a lot of sketches with this app. Here are my draft sketches:

Here I'm trying to draw a leaf, a different kind of leaf. The one in Lord of the Rings movie worn by Aragorn and his partner, the princess elf. Gosh I'm so bad with names.

Here is a butterfly.

My daughter thinks that she's the woman in the picture 'cuz it looks like her, so I might as well call this "Kate".

Here is an infinished sketch of a turtle.

I'll be using the Procreate app next time. I'm hearing so much about it. Will talk about it soon.