The Burden of Dental Cavities

Monday, July 18, 2016

For the past 4 years and more, I've seen children crying as they are forced to go inside the dental office.  Believe me I've had my share of those times. I didn't have the perfect teeth as I was growing up. If you force me to show you my molars, you'd easily the dental works that I've had. 

Back to the dental office, children cry as they are forced to enter the office. Parents and even grandparents are tested to their limits. How to encourage the children to get their teeth checked. Good thing our dentist have very good manners. I saw a dentist once who was so arrogant. I think I've blogged about him before. So arrogant. If I didn't need him to check my kids' teeth I wouldn't sit in his office listening to his lectures about how bad a mother I was.

I don't wanna tell you that we should be sure that our kids' teeth are always clean, or that they should be brushing their teeth after every meal. I'll let the dentist do that. But I'll tell you this... Whatever we fail to do with our kids, we should except the outcome of our actions. And that we should not blame them for our negligence. Kids are kids. They will be kids. They do not know what we know now. So don't expect them to do what you expect of them. Have patience.

Sometimes I tend to forget that myself. I admit that. That's why I don't regard myself as a perfect mother. But i do what I can and try to be the best that I could for them. So the next time you bring them to the dentist because of cavities, please try to remember my words. Have a wonderful week ahead!