That's Just How It Is

Monday, July 11, 2016

I don't know if you have these same feelings. It's like this. When I was pregnant with my kids, I spent the first 4-5 months in bed. I always have hyperemesis. I vomit a lot (forgive me for the word). When I say a lot, about 17 times or more per day. I eat a lot when I can because I know, everything will just go back out. And I was always concerned about the nutrients I was getting for my babies but I cannot help it, even with the meds that I was given. I hated the smell of garlic, whew... Terrible smell. Even colognes and perfumes. I had to tell everyone at home I didn't like their smell, yeah thats how bad it was. 

So I spent most of my days for the next 5 months, in bed, watching television, looking for any feel-good movies or series. That's how I saw the Baby series, My Fair Wedding with David Tutera, The Holiday movie and a lot more. They got me thru the most dreadful days of my pregnant life. I have a lot to be thankful about.

Now when I saw these series and the movies, I feel nauseated. It's like I'm having those feelings and emotions and morning sickness all over again. That's why even if these are really good movies to watch, I'd rather not look at them. Silly isn't it? But that's how it is. Have you had these feelings?