Barangay Demoloc Nutrition Month Celebration 2016

Thursday, August 4, 2016

It was an honour and a priviledge to be invited to the barangay's nutrition month celebration. It was participated by the different schools in the barangay, preparing different dishes and of course, their own take of a Tagacaulo dish. It was a very tasteful afternoon. 

I was able to witness not only different styles of cooking certain dishes, but also what the natives used in the old times as their utensils. With the change and adaptation to modern living, it is great to see that their customs have been preserved. 

This, I was told, is cooked salt. Yap, we have the same reaction. They just scrape salt whenever they need one. This is a great way to preserve food don't you think?

This is how they get their all natural sweetener, by pressing sugar cane (tama ba?)

Well, he just had to try it out for himself. And guess what, we brought this home with us. They offered to give it to us, but since they were using it at home, hubby decided to pay for it. Nonetheless, it was a piece of history that we wanted to take with us.

Wondered how they make puso? I did too and I saw they made a lot of these to use as a decoration.

Congratulations to the barangay council, teachers, parents and students!