Diplomate Course in Occupational Medicine Module 1

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

My mother pushed me several times to go on residency training. I wanted to do so. But time and chance didn't have it for me. So I continued as a general practioner but I have had so many trainings given by different private organizations and government agencies. 

I was able to take my basic training in Occupational Medicine back in 2013. I've always wanted to pursue a diplomate training. But it wasn't offered in Davao City... until now.

You never know what you will have until you try it. Before attending this training, I had second thoughts. I've been telling my husband that I didn't wanna go but he kept pushing me. He saw my excitement when I first told him about it and perhaps he knew that I really wanted this. But on the day before the training, I was really nervous, not knowing what to expect the next day. 

But he insisted that I should grab the opportunity and so on I went. It was really fun and educational. I got to see my schoolmates in medschool and I go to test what I learned.

Here we are, finally done with module 1. They said it's just the beginning. Wait till we get to the next module it's gonna be a different story. So onwards I go!