My Cacti

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

On my birthday, I don't really like to celebrate big time. I look at my day as a day when I can finally just lay down in bed without hubby getting mad. Which I did by the way.. hehehe. But before I could do so, my co-workers surprised me early in the morning by singing a birthday song PLUS these gorgeous cacti. OR I think they are.

Some cacti I planted on a soil but these were quite different so I decided to take a few hours out of the bed to plant them.

Here I have some pebbles which we bought and hand-picked based on size and color. On the side is my mother's old ashtray. Well first I had to clean the rocks which were freshly picked from the shore, and then I had to clean the plants too.

I first filled the ashtray with pebbles, then I placed the cacti on different areas. And Viola!

Here's another shot of the plants.