iBooks and Other Stuff

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Confused ... that's how I sometimes feel. I'm the kind of person that wouldn't be complete if I didn't bring this or that. That's why my bag feels so heavy. Every week I have to do the 5s (sort, sweep, systematize, standardize and self-discipline. Well well, I remembered something from my classes :)) Aside from the fact that I change bags almost every week depending on my mood. Okay wait I'm far from my point today.

Again, I'm the kind of person who would wanna bring the whole house with me, if possible, wherever I go. And I know some of you feel the same way. That includes books. I've said countless times that I love to read books. I used to have one in my bag all the time. It wasn't until the Fifty Shades of Grey series that I started using ebooks diligently. I used iBooks before only with my medical books. I didn't wanna have to bring those big books around. The iBook made it so convenient. A lot of devices are available actually that offers the same thing. There's the Samsung tablets that are in the market. There's also the Kobo which National Bookstore carries. There's also Kindle. Depending on what you really want, there's a lot of available devices in the market. I'll put that in another post.

But once in a while, a nice book is what you need. Especially for times when you're head is spinning from looking at the devices. That you would want to just enjoy the day with the smell of the books and the sound of the pages flipping. You'd know if that person really loves books or papers if they get into the detail of smelling the books.

The downside of books if the weight. Some books are heavy especially for hard bound books. The advantage is in the learning curve. I've read that using physical books (if I might say so) are better in retaining memory, which means you study better with actual books.

I'm thinking of putting up a lending business for books (wink). We just have so many that we don't know how to dispose them. What do you recommend?