Pilot Petite

Saturday, December 3, 2016

A few weeks back I stumbled upon these tiny pens that were so cheap about P100 each. So naturally the hoarder in me just had to get them. I've been so curious with these pens I saw online that I was so happy to actually see them at SM Department Store. I decided to get the blue, orange and apple green. At the time I thought the inks that went with them were just black or blue as it usually comes with. I was surprised that it came with inks the same color as the pens. These are Pilot Petite.

Each cartridge inside has a secure cap. You have to take it out before you can psh the ink cartridge into the pen.

Here's how the ink flows. My paper was just ordinary paper. So you can see some blots. 

If you like small pens, you might like the Pilot Petite.