Apps for Reading

Friday, December 2, 2016

In my previous post I've talked about some devices that you can use if you like ebooks. Some sellers on Instagram and Facebook sells unlimited access to their collection for about P300. Some sell ebooks at P1, P5 or even P10 each. Just type in ebooks and a lot of accounts would pop up.

Here are some of the devices that I know. 

Here is Kindle. This is just one of the products that they have. They have those cheaper ones that are black and white. This is Kindle Fire. I've read great review about it. Runs on Android I think. If you wanna buy their books, they offer free ebooks. But perhaps those you like would cost you something. You can download ebooks in Amazon. Or maybe you can put ebooks through your computer and just transfer them to your devices. You can buy them through Amazon or you can get in touch with GMET Trading on Facebook. They are Philippine-based sellers. They can buy the item for you in the US and you just pay them in peso plus shipping fee. 


This one is from Kobo. Again, they have so many other products that you can choose from, depends on what you like. National Book Store carries Kobo. The cheapest one I saw is about P3,000 to P4,000 I think. Again you can download the ebook on your computer and just transfer them to your devices.


Now perhaps you don't wanna buy those devices and just wanna use their appls, there is also some apps available through Google Play Store or Apple App Store that you can download. Here's a few of them. 

The Kindle app is good. You can change the lighting in your background, change the font if you want. You can also download the books across all your devices if you have other devices that has Kindle App in it. But I just noted that it crashes most of the time.

Kindle App

The Kobo app is a good one as well. It tells you how many percent of the book have you read. Plus if you have friends who also uses Kobo, you can see what they're reading. You can change the background light, the font, the font size. But I find that it takes time for the app to move. Like it slows down sometimes. Doesn't react automatically with your gestures.

Kobo App

This is the latest and the only one that I had the courage to subscribed to, Scribd. They offer ebooks, audiobooks, music notes, journals and other items. They have Archie comic books, and can show you what other people are subscribed to. The downside is, they didn't carry all the authors. Like they don't have Og Mandino or EE Cummings. But they have a wide range of other selections that you might like. You can store your library offline or let it stay on icloud.

Scribd App

Last on my list is the iBook. I have to be honest. I find other devices to be confusing. I'm a control freak and I find that when I use other devices other than Apple products, I get this headache. I think I have more than 400 ebooks in my collection that I haven't finished reading. Some I downloaded on the internet. When you finish downloading pdf file on the net, it would give u choices on where to open the book, I always choose iBook. There are other apps that would let you annotate or put mark up, but I find iBook simple enough to provide me with what I need. Believe me I've tried other apps, though I find them good, my headache tells me to go back to the simplest :)

iBook App

So there you go, I hope it helped. If you think I missed some of the best devices and apps out there, do let me know in the comments section below. Would love to hear your side.

*Photos are from Amazon. Some are my own screenshot from my iphone.
*I was not paid for this post.