Thinking Time

Friday, December 23, 2016

Do you have a specific time of the day to plan your stuff? Like say, when you wake up in the morning or after taking your breakfast? Most people do. There are so many apps (yes I'm a geek!) that teaches you relax your mind so that you can better plan ahead.

But why do I ask? Because I find mine odd. I can think or plan most when I'm in the bathroom, just sitting there staring at nothing. Or when I'm in the car, either as a passenger or as a driver.

Some people do their thinking when they are in a meeting room or a conference room or in their own offices. For me, it depends. Sometimes in a meeting I just wanna listen.

It is when my mind can truly wander that I can think of so many things. I find the scenery during travels as a time for me to think. I find the silence in the bathroom as a time for me to think. How about you, do you have a special time to think?