Pay It Forward

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Have you seen this video that's going viral in facebook? I think it was entitled "Paying It Forward". It's about this media crew who tried to set-up a scene where one pretended to be a homeless guy, another giving the man $20 and taking him to a bar to eat and another crew pretended to be this bartender who was harsh to this homeless guy. They were trying to see how many would mind having this homeless guy around the bar. You would be surprised at some of the reactions. By the end of the show, it changes your outlook towards homeless people. It changed me!

We were at Abreeza today and while the kids were playing, we were suddenly invited to Fruit Ninja. I don't know if you're familiar with this game app. I saw it first in Samsung Apps, where you slice different fruits. And since it was free, we went in. The whole show was fun for the kids. It wasn't boring really. It was fun all in all. 

During the show, they asked for young volunteers. The male host took one girl. And the female host took one boy. One look at the boy and you'd think he was homeless. He had rugged and ripped clothes. I was impressed with the female host. She didn't take a second guess. Believe me, the kids had so much fun. 

So after the show we went for a meet and greet with the main characters. Actually the kids did, I just took the photo. And while we were waiting for their turn, 'the' kid who went up the stage was trying to see if he could also have a photo taken with them. But he didn't have any passes. This big hunky guy wearing the SECURITY shirt was trying to shoo him off. But this other guy, who I think was with the event coordinator came up to this kid and gave him 3 passes for him and his friends. I was so impressed I wanted to go up to him and commend him but I didn't have the chance to. 

He said something to the hunky guy but I didn't hear and understand it. Nevertheless, he did a great move. 

So let me ask you, if a homeless guy came near you and asked for food, what would you do? Would you take him to a restaurant and give him food? Or would you look the other way?

By the way, here's the photo I took of the kids at the show.