Breastfeeding in Medical School

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The first time i came across breastfeeding was in medical school. At first year they taught us the difference of human milk and cow's milk. By 4th year, we were tasked to lecture on breastfeeding. There was not much preparations, the visual aid was there. All we had to do was read it and explain and that's it. Never known that there were such people as breastfeeding consultants.

Simply stating, how to breastfeed was not taught in medical school. I wish they did. I never realized the importance until I became a mother. I could give my daughter formula milk, although I am on mixed feeding. But I have a very great desire to breastfeed her exclusively.

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  1. hi there!! thanks for dropping a line. yes, they do offer consultations to moms. you can contact lyn theoakandacorn[at]yahoo[dot]com for details.