An Unexpected Conversation

Saturday, June 5, 2010

My dad and sister arrived from the province at lunch time. We were at the dining table having our usual conversations of movies, school and some other things. Suddenly she remembered something. She said we were going to Pearl Farm tomorrow. I suddenly became excited. I told her how I felt adding that it was my first time. She was shocked! She added some more things and then she said how boring my life was. It never really bothered me until this afternoon when I was alone in the bathroom washing my breastpump. Is my life really boring?, I asked myself. I never really thought about it that much. I used to go out with my friends when I was younger but I never really liked partying in clubs. I enjoy a little time with my friends but I prefer staying at home watching TV or just playing with my kids. Whose to judge on how my life is? her?

I don't think my life is boring nor do I think that I am boring. I just don't have the same priorities as she may have. I guess I am hurt thinking about it now. I've never been that blunt in talking to my siblings even though I'm the eldest. I don't know if she realized what she said but I hope that someday she may remember what she told me and I hope that she never gets to hear it from anybody. She may have no intentions of hurting anybody's feeling but I sure was hurt.