My Favorite Pens: Parker

Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm a lover of books, papers, pencils and pens. When I got a ballpen for a kris kringle in my college years, I jumped for joy. Pens make me happy. Even now, hubby brings home pens given by med reps. He knows how much I love it. So far my I have a big tin can full of different kins of pens. I lost count.

However, these pens are my favorite, Parker pens. Some are given to me, others I took from my mom's store and some I just had to buy for myself. And since it's not that cheap, I just buy one in a year. This is not the complete collection anymore. I've notice my sister taking some of my pens.

I'm hoping to collect the different colors. And I would also love to collect other brands as well. But for now, these will do.