Head Lice Invasion

Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's been known that children sometimes get head lice due to the constant exposure they have under the sun. But not too often they get them from adults who indeed have head lice, adult and eggs. Just is the case of our house helps and my kid.

Not only were the other house helps infected, so why my eldest daughter. It is not something that I am proud of and I know a lot of kids do have them. So when yaya found a few eggs in my daughter's hair, I immediately bought permethrin for my kid. I told hubby about it and he suggested that we treat everyone in the house. So I held a meeting with them and told them that mass treatment must be done.

For some who grew up in the province, I never thought of any negative reactions. But they didn't accept it lightly. Of course here comes the denial that they can never have it. I explained that this needs to be done to prevent it from spreading. Eventually they went with it.

When I gave them the sachets of shampoo, one yaya asked if she could use a conditioner afterwards. I told her not to use any when using the shampoo. It might react with the permethrin. Next thing to buy would be fine tooth comb called "suyod".

I do hope in the coming weeks, this will soon be over.