Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Whenever you hear a bad news, do you easily get mad and lash out at somebody or do you take time alone and reflect at how you're gonna deal with it? It's not easy to control emotions especially when it's something that really ticks you off.

I found out that one of our housemaids is pregnant. Her boyfriend is my brother's bodyguard. I don't know what pushed my button but when i got the text from some anonymous neighbor who happen to have texted 2 of my cp numbers, I was irritated. I wanted to lash out and shout at them. But I couldn't speak to her just yet. I had to wait for my daughter to sleep so I can leave the kids to hubby.

When we sat down, i couldn't get to shout at her. Instead we had a very serious conversation. Maybe I realized that there is no point in being mad. Everything has happened and there is nothing to change it.

I forgot to mention that the guy has 2 kids from a previous relationship. I was told by the housemaid that he was never married in church or on any legal documents.

In the end I told her to save money starting today and not to leave everything up to the guy. I gave her a list of what she needed to do and what she needed to buy. She decided to stop working and take a much needed rest. She was beginning to have the first trimester blues.

Looking back, maybe I was mad because I got the news from somebody else. But with a baby involved, I can never say it's a mistake. I told her that a baby is "always" a blessing!