Reese's First Day in School

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Reese is my first born. So for her to go to school is such a big thing for me and my husband. I didn't know what to expect really. I can still remember my first day in school. I was crying and didn't want my grandma to leave.

I've read everything that was needed in school and bought them. Knowing my daughter, I brought extra food, diapers and all. At first everything went perfect. No cries, she was singing and dancing. She didn't mind that there were lots of other kids playing. By 11 am, she was beginning to show signs of stress. We were still allowed to view them through the glass window so she could see me. The teacher was telling her to look at the person in front of her (another teacher). She started bowing her head and I knew then what was going to happen. Tears were starting to flow down her eyes. Soon enough she cried. I knew that she wanted her milk bottle. So I told the teacher I'd feed her for a couple of minutes.

We were sitting at the stairs and she was drinking her milk. We changed her diaper. She was telling me she didn't wanna go back. But I told her that I'd go with her. For a while she was clinging on to me. But when the teacher walked in with the boxes of crayons, she wanted to go to her table. Soon she was enjoying coloring the paper. I slipped out of the room and she didn't notice.

By lunch time, their lunch bags were by their tables and everyone was hungry. It was the first time she fed herself without yaya or me by her side. I was proud of her. I knew she was having a hard time but she was learning also. I was a very proud mother. She was taught how to clean up after herself which was a bit funny because she just shoved everything in the bag. But teacher taught her how to put everything in its place.

After eating, my second daughter who happened to have awaken from a long sleep inside the car was already looking at the glass window. When Reese saw her younger sister, she wanted to go out and play with her. But teacher wouldn't let her out which started the second bout of crying until the end of the class.


Overall though, it was a great day. I was a proud mother and she was a learning student. I'm hoping she'd finish the school year. I can she that she was learning a lot. I'm crossing my fingers for the days ahead.