My New Breastfriend

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Recently I bought a new breastpump. While others may be excited of new jewelry or bags, I was excited to try out my new powerful bestfriend. Why powerful? Because it said so in it's specifications.

Photo in babymama's website

this is my spectra 2 in action

Features (as per babymama's site):

> you will just pump in one place only or transporting a bulky pump is not a problem.
> you pump several times a day
> you have twins or premature baby
> you are satisfied with the A/C power source alone
> you understand that there is a chance that milk can get into the tubing and pmp which might cause    damage to the pump
> you are okay with having only one control for suction
> nipple size is average

Can be shared: Personal use only

Type of pump: Can be used on one breast or both breasts at the same time

Suction Strength (Baby's suction is an average of 200 - 220 mmHg): Up to 350 mmHg

Voltage: 220v

Warranty: 1 year

Weight: 4.4 lbs

Power source: Power Adapter

Accessories included: 2 breastkits

Price: P6,000

It's a lot cheaper than my previous breastpump but it's stronger. Although it's heavier and needs power source, I'm okay with this. I'm still looking for a car charger for this. Hope I can find one.