Sensible Lines Milk Tray

Thursday, September 1, 2011

In order to save on storage bottles, I started using this tray which was given to me by my cousin's wife, @iamkheiy. It seemed so easy to do when i looked at the video. So after washing it (always wash everything before using it, except those pre-sterilized milk bags) and letting it dry, i hurriedly poured my excess milk into the tray.

At first it took only about 6 hours for the milk to harden. But overtime, it was taking me more than 12 hours, which was contrary to what the packaging had instructed which was 3 hours. I guess it would depend on the kind of freezer you are using.

For me, it delivered what it promised. Unfortunately though my bottles were small and I didn't wanna wait for a few hours before adding another stick so I decided to cut the sticks into two pieces then eventually to 4 pieces to fit everything into the bottle. If my bottles were all 8 ounces then it would make things easier.

Nevertheless, it saved me from washing my bottles as often as needed. This is definitely a must-have for breastfeeding moms who didn't wanna buy those breastmilk storage bags.