Teaching My Kid the Alphabet

Sunday, September 11, 2011

There's no easy way on teaching kids the ABC. I've tried writing it on paper, but her attention shifts to other things. I tried printing letters then laminating each one so it's like flash cards. I even bought those flashcards sold at book stores. She knows the objects but she doesn't know how to connect the letters with the objects.

I wish there was a manual on teaching kids how to read and write. A lot of experts have given their thoughts, rules and how-to's but it doesn't always work for everyone.

My daughter was given a set of words to read. There was a note saying she has to be able to read them by Aug. 22. When we started with it, I found that she had difficulty reading each letter. So how can she read the whole word. I don't know what they are teahing my daughter in school but I was desperate to teach her A-Z and how each letter sounds.

She couldn't recall every letter so we started with A-E. And every once in a while we'd glance at the set of words for her to familiarize.

One day when I fetched my daughter from school, the yaya told me that R didn't get an "amazing" stamp because she wasn't able to read the words. I was frustrated. I was a failure.

When evening came I was desperate to finish the set of words. R was having a hard time and so was I. I wish there was an easier way of doing it. If I could just shove it into her brain but I couldn't. My patience was winding down and she was getting frustrated as well.

Good thing hubby had an idea. Recently, he got an Ipad2 as a birthday gift. He dowloaded alphabet apps for R. I never thought of that. Well I thought of that but the apps just became available recently. I kept some of the apps I previously downloaded in my Mac and totally forgot about them. So yeah, my husband is the HERO.

Here they are happily learning the alphabet.

They spent the night reviewing letters and numbers too. Good thing hubby is very patient. Mine was all used up.