Friday, April 8, 2011

I was in college when i first heard about stem cells. But back then, fetus don't get to live once it's harvested. At least that's how it was portrayed in documentaries and movies. Now, it's harvested only at the time of giving birth and the technique is safe for mommies and babies.

Once baby is separated from the placenta and the umbilical cord is cut, only the cord blood is harvested and stored. It takes about 3 minutes to do the harvesting.

I never really thought about it again until my OB suggested it. As a doctor, I always wanted to be prepared for my family. And hearing that it has progressed far from what i used to know, made me so happy. But of course, it comes at a price.

She gave me 3 choices: India, Singapore and UP. Of course I chose UP. It's closer to home. Then i asked how much, "P50,000 or more" I was told. Expecting a hundred thousand or more, this was enough for me. Of course the problem now is how to save up for just that. But considering what it could do should the need arises, I am definitely going for it.

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