Mano po...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

When my eldest was growing up, she had a lot of people around her teaching her all sorts of things. But with mother always on the side, everyone was careful with what they were saying.

Every time hubby got home from work, he would always tell her, "bless daddy.." Looking at her then, she had no clue what it meant. It went on every night. Although I never really asked her to do that to me since I'm always on her side.

When I got pregnant with my second daughter, I had to send her to my parents' place. I had nausea and round the clock vomiting, had to be admitted in the hospital 'cuz I wasn't taking anything. I didn't know then if it would stuck to her what hubby was trying to teach her.

When she came back during the weekends, I was amazed how she tried to take my hand and do the mano po. As it turned out, yaya was teaching her good manners while they were away.

I'm so glad I have people around me who thinks of my kids as their own family and not just someone they had to take care because they are paid to do so.