Saturday, April 30, 2011

My mother and I has this constant battle, the friendly battle, everytime Kate's new tooth erupts. My daughter would be irritable, with decrease appetite and fever. She would insist that it was caused by the tooth eruption. Being a doctor, we would always dismiss this thought. Irritable and with decrease appetite maybe, but the fever would always cause a debate.

When her fever got to the fifth day, she developed erythematous papular rashes (raised red rashes) on her trunk. I just had to bring her to the laboratory and later to her Pedia. I could get the blood sample myself but I couldn't stand her looking at me teary-eyed so I had to let the med tech do it.

Turns out she had viral exanthem (is a widespread rash usually occurring in children) Thank goodness.

While her Pedia was writing his notes, I just had to ask.

Me: "Doc, nagfe-fever ba talaga pag lumalabas ang ngipin ng babies?"

Pedia: (with a grin) "Hindi naman." (smiles)

Hearing that I was excited to tell my mom who was waiting in the van with my eldest daughter Reese. I told her. Knowing my mom, she wasn't about to let it go.

When we got home, I still wasn't contented so I opened my Nelson's Pedia Book and read it again.

Children who are teething often present with irritability, decrease appetite and low-grade fever. Remedies would include pain relievers or teethers to help soothe the pain.

Reading it let me speechless. I think I missed this part.

So I guess mother really know best! Now the debate would finally be over for me and my mom :)