Is it separation anxiety or is she becoming too clingy???

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I've noticed for the past few days that my daughter has been too clingy. I'm 4 months pregnant (19 weeks) and I don't move much since my tummy has been contracting, much to me and my OB's surprise. So most of the time I stay in our bedroom and let the children play downstairs in the living room. Though I never close my door so I can listen to them, I can hear her say, "Mommy yaya, mommy." She knew I wasn't going anywhere and she knew I was in the bedroom. Even though she just left the bedroom about 5 mins prior, she'd come back again to look for me.

And during night time, she'd always want to sleep beside me. Even though I have a 1 year old who also needs my attention, we end up moving the 1 year old closer to hubby so she can sleep beside me. She cries when she notices that she's beside hubby instead of me.

I've tried to weigh things whether it was going to be for awhile but it wasn't. Now they're visiting my in-laws and she's insisting on coming home and she's looking for me.

I've always encouraged her to be independent, to let her play what she wants. Maybe she's feeling alienated since I don't play with her much since my pregnancy.

When she wakes up in the morning, she just asks if she could watch TV, then she let's me sleep a few more mins. When I open my eyes and caresses her face, she smiles. And when I tell her we're going to the living room, she tells me, "c'mon mommy. let's go mommy."

Such a sweet child!