My Take on Washing Cloth Diapers

Thursday, April 21, 2011

When my eldest was born, I was confronted with stacking pile of disposable diapers that cost me more than I expected. Newborns poop and pee almost every 2 hours, same time as they feed, almost every 2 hours. In fact, most of the time I noticed that after every feed they poop or they pee. SO then I decided to try cloth diapers. I used to think they were still the same as how my cousins we're clothed. Oh boy was I surprised. Turned out that there were cloth diapers that looked like disposable diapers. SO I bought a pack of Tushy from next9. That was the first time and then more followed, from different brands. Why so many brands? I like to see what other options there are.

Sure they include a care instructions at the back. But they don't include to tell you that there's more to it that just washing it. Just like stubborn stains, pee stain sticks. and you can see it 'cuz it stains yellow.

Over the months, I have developed a system that worked for me and over the ears, my system have been, tried, tested and improved. Here is how we do it at home:

1. I prepare 2 buckets filled with soap and water. One for the colored and the other one for the whites. (I do put bleach a little bit. This helps get rid of stubborn stains. I use the cap to measure the amount of bleach I use.)

2. After each use, I separate the outer layer and inner layer, wash them with water and put them in the buckets and let them soak. I do this for all the used diapers.

3. By night time when my buckets are full, I wash them and hang them dry.

4. For those with stubborn stains, I let them soak overnight. By morning I wash them and hang them dry together with the other diapers.

5. If you prefer to wash them in the morning together with your other laundry that's also alright. I like to do mine at night so by morning all I do is hang them under direct sunlight.

6. By afternoon, my diapers are dry and the inserts are ready t be ironed.

How about you, how do you wash your cloth diapers???