Product Review: Baby Jills Cloth Diapers (1SF3) Part 1

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I was so surprised that the package came early. I found it cute looking at it online, it was even cuter when i got hold of it.

This is our waterproof one size fits three (1SF3) diaper. It's a bit bulky as compared to other cloth diapers.

The opening where you put your insert is very wide. I'm hoping the insert won't move out of place.
The insert is made of microfleece which is different from other cloth diapers.

The diaper is made of snap buttons which I love.
And best of all, it has cartoon character on it's back.

We'll try it on to my kids when they arrive and after I've pre-washed them.

So will be keeping you posted guys.