Bonding Time

Saturday, March 17, 2012

I was not able to go to work yesterday. K was crying and was complaining of gum pains. She was vomiting and would just want to be carried most of the time. I had to bring her to the dentist to have her teeth checked. Everything was fine. When she was told everything was fine, she was happy about it. She wasn't crying much anymore. She was demanding we take her to Central Warehouse. SO we bought a few item and head home.

We spent the next few hours cooking. More of, hubby spend the next few hours in the kitchen making puto cheese. Did I mention he is a better cook than I am?:) He used to cook all the time during our internship days. We'd sleep for long hours after duties and he'd cook our food afterwards.

The kids had a blast. And the puto was delicious, bias aside:)

In the afternoon I was tired and wanted to sleep, but K wouldn't leave my side. She just wanted to be near me. I wanted to rest for hours. But I only got a few minutes when yaya took her outside to play. As I was lying in bed, I thought that this would be a good opportunity to not just take of them but bond with them. SO hurriedly, I rose from the bed and announced we'd play some games. So we spent the afternoon playing: O-O-7, Luksong tinik, Taguan and habulan. The kids were drenched in sweat and laughing.

Hope you'll have a great weekend ahead of you.