Friday, March 16, 2012

I remember one time while I was pumping my milk in the restroom (good thing there was a sofa) while I was attending a post-graduate course when two doctors came in. I ranted before how some hotels and even hospitals don't have breasfeeding rooms. I knew them since I tried adjunctship for two days (yeah two days!). I don't mind if they won't acknowledge the fact that we know each other, but what gets in my nerve is when they started talking behind my back. Oh yes I can hear them. They were saying, "What is she doing?" Obviously they haven't tried pumping. No, they haven't been a mother.

After that incident, I vowed not to let it affect me but it did and still does. Whenever I see them around, I don't look at them anymore. I don't try to be friendly anymore. I just don't mind them anymore. Period.

I just wish they don't experience what they made me feel. But if they did, they deserved it!