Tantrums and Mothers

Friday, March 16, 2012

I was reading an article yesterday about what mothers should do when your child starts having her tantrums right in the middle of a grocery store. What's makes this so much interesting is not the fact that I have kids who have had tantrums while I was doing the errands. (Thank God for yayas who makes life with kids easier.) I was one of those kids.

I remember going to the department store with my aunt and I saw this barbie which cost around P299. I wanted my aunt to buy me that doll but she was stiff and did not want to give in. So I cried and cried. I remember people watching me but I did not mind them, all I wanted was that barbie. She had to drag me home. After that, my aunt wouldn't bring me to the mall for fear of having the same incident. Good thing the mall was just a block away from home.

Now back to the article. She was telling a story about a blog she read. It was telling her how one woman would prefer that mothers with kids having tantrums right in the middle of a grocery store should just leave her groceries, leave everything and take her child out of the store as they might disturb some other shoppers.

The writer on the other hand wants to do the opposite. Instead of running out of the store, why not give your child a balloon to play with. And she was keen to point out a few things.

First, we will never know when our child will have her/his tantrums. They might be in a good mood now but in a while will start crying to their hearts content. They might even roll on the ground god forbid.

Second, these mothers are already embarrassed as it is, add to that these looks she get with some shoppers.

Third, instead of glaring at them, why not help them out. Offer to take the groceries while they pacify their kids. Offer an extra toy if you have one in your bag.

Lastly, never judge. The kid might have been up all day and is sleepy. Or that kid might have been in a good mood till that time.

These are my own words. If you want to read up on her article you can click here.