Kate's 2nd Birthday

Thursday, March 29, 2012

We happily celebrated my daughter's 2nd birthday yesterday. Let's just say that everything was a spur of the moment so you would expect me to be panicking. hahaha I was saving for hubby's exams so I didn't actually wanna spend so much on the party. With that said, most of the decorations were DIY, like the buntings.

the invitation.  I used red stamp app on iphone. (will blog about it soon)

DIY buntings. will post soon on how we did this.

DIY candy cans from milk cans

printed out colored letters on a coupon bond

she loves barney

DIY candy cans on each table

she won't blow:)


proud to say that R can now actively participate in games

kids falling in line for their loot bags

I think in any children's party, the scariest part is if no kids would come. That's has been my dilemna. But all the time I have been proven wrong:) Thank you to all the guests young and old for coming and made my daughter very happy.

Officially she is now two. Though there is the tag phrase "terrible two", K has been very active ever since she learned to walk and talk. She is our little manang. I don't think she's be terrible. I think she'd be more lovable each day.

We love you nak!