Don't grow too fast my child

Monday, March 5, 2012

I never thought the day would come when my daughter wouldn't want a kiss from me, her own mother. Sure she loves me. I know she does. But then when I kiss her on the lips she wipes it off and laughs at the whole thing. I don't know if she thought it was funny. Sure it was but there's a small achy feeling inside me.

R at 7-8 months

She doesn't do it all the time. But I know time will come when she'd be shy and hide from her peers whenever i give her a kiss. Hay... The thought of it makes me weak in my knees, not in a good way though. Can you not grow up yet? Can you stay as small kids a little longer?

It's times like this when I think about when she was around 6-7-months-old and she'd wake up crying in her crib wanting to sleep beside me. I reached down and lay her on my pillow. And when her head touches my head, she'd go back to sleep as fast as she has awaken.

We used to spend our afternoon watching her favorite cartoons and waiting for her to fall asleep. She always loved it when I kept kissing her face and her cheeks. How I wish I could go back to that moment. But life must go on. And even when she becomes a teenager, I would never stop kissing her... even if she wipes it out as quickly as I planted it on her cheeks.