The Pinnacle Hotel

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Recently I attended the MHO-LMP Meeting with the WHO (will make another post on that) at the Pinnacle Hotel. Sayang I don't have a view of their main entrance. Will post them as soon as I get a photo of it. It was a live-in seminar, meaning you get to stay in the hotel for one night. I used my dad's room. It was my first time to check in alone in a hotel. I'm usually with my families when going to hotels and it's usually on vacations.

Let me show you the room that I got.

the office table

bathroom. not so big but clean.

the bed (notice my victoria cooler bag and cath kidston bag)

not much of a view

spend a few minutes watching the tv
So even though the room was free, I didn't get to spend the night there. I couldn't leave my kids at home while enjoying the bed. It wouldn't be fun without my kids in the room. 'naff said!