Are Gentlemen Getting Extinct?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I was standing in line in a lotto ticket outlet waiting for my turn. I saw this man paying for his ticket. My daughter was trying to get my attention so I had to make a glance at her without leaving the line. Mind you there were two lines and he was in another line. The next time I looked up, he was filling filling out another lotto ticket and was still in the other line next to me. I didn't mind him since he was in the other line. My daughter was still talking to me so from time to time I had to glance at her. When it was my turn, that man tried to cut me off. So I said, "Excuse me, nagpila ako."  (Excuse me, I'm standing in line). He said, "Naglinya man sad ko." (I'm also standing in line). Then I said, "Pero didto man ka nagpila sa pikas." (But you were in the other line). To which he answered, "Sige ikaw una." (Okay you go first).

I can sense that he was irritated. But I didn't back down. I insisted I was next in line. After the incident, yaya asked me what that was that all about. She also saw him and was also wondering how he got in my line. The nerve of some people. I don't mind that he didn't consider a pregnant woman but what irritated me was that I was a woman. Just because of a lotto ticket he lost his manhood.

Another incident was when I went to a photo studio. When I was about to enter the door, another couple was also about to enter the door. I wanted to see if the young man would open the door for any other woman besides his girlfriend, especially a pregnant woman. This was what amazed me. I don't know what their parents taught them but certainly if it was anyone in my family, I would have told them right there and then.

No, he didn't open the door for me. After his girlfriend went in, he went in and I was left holding the door. I don't think he learned being a gentleman in school. And I don't know if he was taught by anyone older how to be a gentlemen. It irritated me of course. When hubby came in I told him about it and even he was irritated.

Are gentlemen really getting extinct??? Is it not taught in school anymore? I can still recall the lectures during my elementary years. What is happening with our men?