My dear Yaya

Saturday, May 21, 2011

At times I enjoy the sound of silence in my room when the kids are with my parents. And since I'm 5 months pregnant with my third child, I find it hard to move and play with my kids. This makes the yayas so useful.

I've never wanted to get one but my mom insisted. Maybe she knew I was meant to be a working mom like her. At times when the kids want to play or roam around the house, I call the yayas to do it for me. Climbing up and down the stairs have been so horrible these few days that I dread it. My butt and back hurts and I feel like my legs are gonna give way soon.

Everyday I face different problems at home. Living with my parents and siblings while being married and having kids, isn't exactly a walk in the park. There's the salaries, the bills, the cash advances, the feud between the maids, and so on. Sometimes I just wanna leave the house and find a place of my own where my thoughts are focused only on my kids. But with my hubby's salary, that would be quite impossible. To finish my everyday task, I rely on yayas to watch the kids for me while I finish making checks for the bills and tallying the maids salaries. Yes, there's too many of them that I actually have logbooks for them to sign in.

Then here comes what every mom dreads. It's when these yayas start to miss days of work because of some silly excuses. I don't mind that they go on their day offs, they have one each week. But I do mind when they start missing a day because I don't like when some things don't go as planned. I never liked surprises so I don't like it when they tell me, at the last minute, of their unscheduled day offs.

My kids are still small and needs all the attention. While wanting to be constantly near them, I then have to think of ways to provide for them. As for the moment, it's hard to juggle different things when there's just way too much to handle. Sometimes I am thankful for the yayas, at times I despise looking at their faces. Is this me or just being hormonal? Nevertheless, they do make things easier for me, despite the troubles that they bring.

Someday though, I wish to have only one helper and one driver. That would be a bliss!

How about you, what does your yaya do for you?