Restroom Dilemna

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Did you ever find yourself in a situation that when you entered the cubicle, you find this shoe prints on the toilet bowl and some drops of yellow liquid (forgive me for being so gross but I just had to describe it!)? What do you do? Do you sit on the air while doing it? Do you squat on the floor and do it there? Or do you also squat on the toilet seat, not minding how the next person is going to react once she sees the dirt you leave behind?

I've seen this movie starring Sigourney Weaver where in she was about to go into court but decided to visit the ladies room first. Do you now what she did? She wiped that toilet sit down. When it was dry, she covered them with piles of toilet paper and sat on the throne like a queen. Isn't that awesome??!

After seeing that movie (I forgot the title), I always have tissues papers with me. I also bring 70% (not  40%) isoprophyl alcohol, liquid soap and wet tissue. That's why I'm not able to use small bags. My items won't fit in it.

Why go through the trouble of sitting on the air, squatting on the floor or squatting on the toilet seat when you can just comfortably sit on the throne??? Think about it.

Have you also noticed how some don't wash their hands after going? Do they really think that their hands are clean? Between sanitizer and soap and water, I'd choose soap and water anytime. Between sanitizers and alcohols, I'd choose alcohols anytime. I just don't find hand sanitizers very reliable, unless it's sterilium.

Another thing that bothers me are drops of face powder or strands of hair on the sink. I find it unlady-like. So maybe that's your preference. But maybe you can step back from the sink while you retouch your make up and comb your hair. The sink is made for washing hands.

I do hope that this little post of mine might help not everyone but at least someone. This is my own point of view and meant no disrespect to anyone who feels offended.