Coconut Milk: My Hair Moisturizer

Monday, May 16, 2011

Being pregnant makes me scared of using just any products in the market. Sometimes I turn to organic products but somehow they don't deliver the promises they make. With all the hormone surging, my hair tends to be more dry. So I turn to my trusted and cheap alternative to hot oil, the coconut milk.

I've used this method since I was in my teens. It was way cheaper then but it delivers the same result every time... more moisturized hair. Once a week is good enough for me. I just add this to the list of groceries every week, and every week it's like going to the salon.

Here's what to do:

When buying coconut, ask the tindero to have it grated/scrape for you to avoid the hassle. At home, transfer the shredded coconut meat to a bowl and pour a small amount of hot water to extract the milk. When you are able to hold it, squeeze the juice out from the meat.

You can either repeat the process to get more juice or you can use it already.

Shampoo and wash hair. Apply the milk on hair and leave for 10-15 mins. Or you can leave it longer, depends on you. Wash it with water. You can shampoo again or you can just wash it thoroughly and dry your hair.

I wouldn't advise you do this in the morning though. You'll end up having a limp hair. Do this at night or on the weekends when you do not have important meetings the next day.

Go ahead and see for yourself.