Stubborn Neighbors

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Last year i had the most irritating encounter with our neighbor. It was the height of the dengue season and people thought that by burning dried leaves, mosquitoes would die.
So there he was, an old man with his teenage nephew burning what i pressumed was rubber. I was so furious. My kids were playing in our living room and they were inhaling the smoke. I never imagine myself marching into a neighbors house to confront them. But at this point, I just had to do it. When I took a peek through the railings, they were burning one whole tire. I just had to tell him to stop. But he wasn't willing to, telling me that it's just a small fire. I told him that if he didn't stop, I'd call the police. I also told him that there are lots of kids nearby and it's not good for their health. He kept insisting on wanting to scare the mosquitoes away. If I weren't raised well i could have punch him in the face right then. With a lot of convincing from other people, he finally put out the fire.
You might think that that was the end of it. But no! Until now, he still burns his dead leaves. And guess what greeted me when I got home yesterday afternoon...